A 2.0 Theories → Aria Montgomery

 2x22 Father Knows Best: At the end of the episode, Aria mentions she’s cold so puts on Alison/Vivian’s red coat that was in the back of the car, this was the last time we saw the coat.

2x25 UnmAsked: At the end of this episode, Mona is visited by who we assume is the ‘main’ A, who is wearing a red coat. Marlene King stated that there is one A who has helpers known as A also, Aria could be this main A.

Spencer also finds A’s sketches of their costume, saying they’re going as the Black Swan, after googling, there is an alternative look to a Black Swan costume used to advertise the Natalie Portman movie.

1x1 Pilot: This isn’t just to do with the pilot, but since the beginning, Aria has been the main focus since she is the only liar to do the ‘shh’ in the opening sequence. Maybe this suggests she is the center of attention, thus, head A.

1x13 Know Your Frenemies: Just as Noel Kahn was about to go to the principal about Aria and Ezra, A set him up to look as though he’d stole test answers. It usually looks as though the sort of thing A would do would be to expose Aria and Ezra’s relationship. Aria and Ezra have also had their relationship threatened many more times but A finds a way of helping them.

2x18 A Kiss Before Lying: Aria admits to having lied to her friends, in context she means about Spencer not telling Hanna about them all working on A’s videos, out of context looking like she was talking about Ezra. However, she is notorious for keeping bigger secrets, for example, her friends didn’t know about her relationship until the 11th episode.

2x22 Father Knows Best: The other liars say Aria is best at lying to the people she loves. Aria agrees to do the task but it’s been mentioned multiple times Aria is good at keeping secrets, best at lying, could turn against her own family etc, maybe Aria is keeping the biggest secret from them all: that she is the head of the whole A thing.


Maybe that’s why Jenna was in the back of Aria while she was meeting up with Fritz… Hehehhehe. Whatever she’s still my favorite PLL!


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